Apple LaserWriter Printer


Apple’s first Laser printer!

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Introduced in 1985, the 29 year old Apple LaserWriter Printer was revolutionary in the Desktop Publishing revolution with it’s built-in Postscript interpreter.

In stock are 3 original LaserWriter printers. Consider all for parts as I do not have the input or output trays and am unable to test. Going from memory, one of the 3 does not latch closed, one appears to be in working condition and I don’t remember details about the third one. At around 87 lbs each with a box, if you want them all it may be more economical to palletize and ship freight.

The printers are available for free – the ten dollars is to help cover packaging costs. The shipping calculator will at least be close to the shipping cost for each one. If you are still interested in purchasing at that point, contact me before proceeding further.

Additional information

Weight 87 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 in