Magnavox RGB Display 80


RGB and Composite

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Magnavox RGB Display 80 CM-8762 is a 13″ RGB / Composite Color monitor.

RGB TTL (CGA) and Composite inputs with a resolution of 640 x 240. There are lots of adjustment knobs and even a button to change to green text!

This monitor was made for the Atari, Commodore and IBM computers. It was tested and used as a composite color monitor on an Apple IIe. A cable would have to be made to adapt it to use as an RGB monitor on a IIe (with RGB card) or IIGS.

This monitor is in excellent condition and display looks great! There are no original cables, but it will ship with an RCA cable for composite use. Audio has not been tested.

I have the original box for this display as well as half the styrofoam packing material. The box is in really poor condition and has seen some water – see pics. If you want the box, it will all ship inside another box – so a little more weight.