Apple IIe Platinum Key Caps


Caps for the Extended Keyboard IIe


The Platinum IIe with the extended keyboard not only had more keys (81) than a regular beige IIe (63), but they are also different keycaps. The caps are a different color – gray or platinum of course, and are dark gray on the bottom.

The bottom row of keys have a rounded top. The Return key spans 2 rows in a reverse L shape. The Solid Apple key is now called Option and moved to the left side of the shorter spacebar where is resides next to the Open Apple key (now a larger key). A couple of other keys also moved position.

As you can see from the pics (for illustration only), there can be discoloration on the caps, same as for the cases. Many of these IIe’s came to me with many mixed colors on the same keyboard! Most also had to have at least one switch replaced, so I did my best to match up coloring on these for the IIe’s for sale. I have remnants left over from several keyboards. The last photo shows all the different IIe model variations – white letters, black letters on dark gray caps from regular IIe models can be found here, and finally the platinum caps.

Contact me about which caps you are in need of and we’ll go from there. Caps are $5.00 each. Space Bars come with the black bar posts and are $15.00. Please DO NOT add to cart until your receive confirmation of specific key availability in a shade that will hopefully match yours.

*I also have some that have been retrobrighted – for a bit too long. They do look okay, but are definitely on the lighter side and did not come out evenly colored. Perhaps you have done the same thing and still need a cap or two. Contact me if interested.