Apple IIe Key Caps


Keyboard caps for your beige //e


The earliest ][e’s had white letter keycaps and then changed to black letters where it remained. On the surface, it is that simple. Underneath, however, there are some differences!

Visual differences, other than the white letters vs black, can be found on the underside of the black lettered caps. Some have little tabs hanging down on 1 or 2 sides, some are flat. Some are the same color of beige as the top of the cap, later ones are black. The shift, tab and delete keys may or may not have 2 or 3 positions underneath for fastening on to the switch. Some of these differences may not matter to you unless you are trying to keep your keyboard in the same style.

Usability differences include whether the Tab and Delete keys are offset or centered – this was the placement of these switches on the keyboard. All white lettered caps had offset Tab and Delete keys. All black bottom, black lettered caps have centered Tab and Delete keys. Gray bottom caps can be either and you have to determine it by looking at the underside of one or the other that remain on your keyboard.

The other major difference lies in the Caps Lock and Reset caps which were totally dependent on whether the keyboard used Alps or SMK AND long or short switches, so there are 4 variables for each of these 2 caps. They have recessed or extended stems inside these caps to bring them to the correct height. Please see the keyboard parts page to help you identify your switch type before ordering. These differences apply to both white and black lettered keycaps.

There are a few Quark caps available. The last photo shows the 3 surface difference between white letters, black letters and the caps for the platinum, extended keyboard found here. Also please keep in mind that all may have some degree of discoloration, most often seen on the spacebar.

Please Contact me with your needs and include the following information:

What Key Cap(s) you are looking for. A, B, C, etc.

White or black letters. Type of switches on your keyboard – ALPS or SMK, long or short.

If black letters: Color on the bottom of key cap

Key caps are $5.00 each. Space Bars come with the black bar posts and are $15.00. Please do NOT add to the cart until availability has been confirmed.