Apple IIc Complete System (#F5444R5)


A2S4000 ROM 255

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The Apple IIc, Model A2S4000 (825-0819-A) is the compact Apple II. The only true portable computer in the Apple II Family and the very first portable model from Apple. Introduced in 1984, this computer was not only portable, but aimed at first time users with it’s true plug and play usability. With no user interface slots and a built in 5 1/4″ disk drive, all it needed was an external power supply (included) and a monitor to be up and running. The equivalent of five slot cards were built in to the Apple IIc motherboard. An Extended 80 Column Card, two Apple Super Serial Cards, a Mouse Card, and a disk drive controller card. This meant the Apple IIc had 128 KB RAM, 80-column text, and Double-Hi-Resolution graphics built-in and available right out of the box. All you had to do is plug in the printer, mouse or other accessory without worrying about an interface card.

The Epson printer, Spectrum LX-90 was Epson’s introduction to SelecType which allowed you to set multiple print styles and quality, including NLQ with the control panel rather than switches or software.

What Included?

  • Apple //c, model A2S4000, ROM 255
  • Power Supply //c, A2M4120
  • Apple 9″ Monitor A2M4090, with stand
  • Monitor cables – power and data
  • Epson Spectrum LX-90 Printer
  • Epson P.I.C 8699A for the Apple //c
  • Disk holder with over 40 5 1/4″ floppy disks

This system came in from a former teacher with no manuals and few disks. All items show light discoloration. There is 1 screw missing from the bottom of the //c. Computer will ship with a small piece of tape over each of the feet as they are tacky and will hold firmly to your desk. There are non-original System Utilities and a //c Basic disk, There are also backup disks with the labels of AppleWorks etc, but are included simply as untested, used disks.

Note that this will ship in at least 2 boxes, depending on the destination country and will not be pre-packed for this reason. Total weight is approximately 50 lbs, and you will need to get a shipping quote.