Apple II Plus with Disk II Drive


Very nice Apple ][ Plus!

Sold out for now

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Apple ][ Plus, II Plus or ][+, 48K model A2S1048. With the 16K on the Indigo Ram Board, it really has 64K! Additional features include an 820-0044-C RFI motherboard or mainboard, a Grappler Plus printer interface card and a Disk ][ interface card. Also nestled inside the case is an untested SUP ‘R’ MOD II TV interface unit.

This ][+ just came in from the original owner who has had it stored for about 20 years. The manuals, disks and cables still hadn’t turned up by the time he sold his house. I was going to offer it as a complete system (with cables), but the Zenith monitor quit working as I turned it on for the photos. What’s left is the Apple ][+ with cards, and the Disk ][ Drive. The pristine Epson FX-80 is for sale separately.

Condition of this Apple ][ Plus is excellent. Minor flaws include: very small scuffs or wear marks on either side of the keyboard, a couple of minor scratches, one screw is missing from the bottom, the black fasteners at the back of the lid are no longer attached on one side or the other, but all 4 pieces are present. The speaker may have been replaced, as one wire is twisted together. The Disk ][ Drive is pristine, it looks like it just came out of the box! It will ship with a non original System Master DOS 3.3 disk.