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Complete System from the original owner!

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In 1979, Apple offered the Apple II Plus which featured Applesoft in ROM, so it didn’t have to be loaded from cassette or disk along with more RAM and some other enhancements over the Apple ][. While the brand new Disk II drive was available at almost $500 each, Apple still did not have a monitor (televisions or 3rd party monitors were used) nor a printer. The ][ Plus owners that didn’t want to use a television as a display, looked to other manufactures including Zenith for a solution. There was very little to no commercial software available, so you had to write your own. Then you joined a User Group to trade software and a library was formed.


  • Apple ][ Plus 48K
  • Disc ][ interface card
  • Parallel printer card (Tymac)
  • Ramboard (Con Comp)
  • 2 – Disk ][ Drives
  • Epson MX-80 dot matrix printer
  • Zenith 80 column monochrome monitor
  • TG Products joystick (2)
  • Power, monitor and printer cables

While all of the hardware is from the original owner, over time, software gets lost or goes bad, and who knows what happens to the manuals. In addition to the Zenith Operating Guide and Epson MX-80 User’s Manual, I have put together the most manuals and supplements I may ever have for the Apple ][ Plus:

  • Apple ][ Reference Manual
  • Addendum to the Apple ][ Reference Manual
  • Of Vital Importance To Apple ][ Plus Owners
  • The Applesoft Tutorial
  • Applesoft ][ Basic Programming Manual
  • The DOS Manual
  • Disk II Installation Manual (not pictured.
  • Installation Instructions for the Disk II cable

A floppy disk holders contains about 50 disks including an original DOS 3.3 System Master and DOS 3.3 Basics. There are some games and miscellaneous programs, new blank disks, and many “library disks” of the era which all have multiple programs on them – one is a printer disk for the MX-80. Note that I have not tested every disk, so there may be a bad one or one that will not run on the ][ Plus.

Cosmetically everything is in excellent condition, there are only a couple of minor scuffs that I have seen on any of the hardware. The joystick does not work. I am including a second one that has had the pins bent, so they both need repair. The printer has some sun discoloration on the back. Some of the manuals are embossed with a previous owner’s name.

This system will ship in at least 3 boxes totaling about 75 pounds. Please contact me for a shipping quote or questions.