Apple II Plus (465780)




In 1979, Apple offered the Apple ][ Plus which featured Applesoft in ROM, (so it didn’t have to be loaded from cassette or disk) along with more RAM and some other enhancements over the Apple ][. While the brand new Disk II drive became available, Apple still did not have a monitor nor a printer. The ][ Plus owners looked to other manufactures for solutions. There was very little commercial software available, so you had to write your own. Then you joined a User Group to trade software and a library was formed.


  • Apple ][ Plus 48K
  • 16K memory card
  • Parallel printer card (Grafstar II)
  • MICRO-SCI A2 disk subsystem card (Disk II Drive Card replacement)
  • MICRO-SCI A2 disk subsystem Drive (Disk II Drive replacement)
  • Disk ][ Drive
  • Joystick
  • Paddles – TG Products
  • Power cable


  • Apple ][ Reference Manual
  • Addendum to the Apple ][ Reference Manual
  • Of Vital Importance To Apple ][ Plus Owners
  • The Applesoft Tutorial
  • Applesoft ][ Basic Programming Manual
  • MICRO-SCI A2 disk subsystem Manual
  • Grafstar II manual and disk

A floppy disk holder contains over 70 disks including a DOS 3.3 System Master. There are lots of games, utilities, and miscellaneous programs, and many “library disks” of the era which all have multiple programs on them. Note that I have not tested every disk, so there may be a bad one or one that will not run on the ][ Plus.

In from the original owner, this Ii Plus is cosmetically in excellent condition, there are only a couple of scuffs/scratches on the lid. The II Plus has been thoroughly cleaned and tested. Everything works including the joystick and paddles. Cassette ports and printer card are untested. There is also a board included that will plug into the game port on the motherboard and switches between the joystick and paddles which are plugged into that – so less stress on the game port and less chance of bending pins. Note that I tested the joystick and paddles not using this board, so I don’t know if it works.

Unless I find the perfect box, this will ship in two boxes. Request a Shipping Quote please.