Apple II Plus (298021)



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In 1979, Apple offered the Apple ][ Plus which featured Applesoft in ROM, (so it didn’t have to be loaded from cassette or disk) along with more RAM and some other enhancements over the Apple ][. While the brand new Disk II drive became available, Apple still did not have a monitor nor a printer. The ][ Plus owners looked to other manufactures for solutions. There was very little commercial software available, so you had to write your own. Then you joined a User Group to trade software and a library was formed.


  • Apple ][ Plus 48K A2S1048
  • Disk II Drive Card
  • Disk ][ Drive
  • Joystick*
  • Sup R Mod II and video cable
  • Power cable


  • The Applesoft Tutorial
  • Applesoft ][ Basic Programming Manual
  • The DOS Manual

Software includes original DOS 3.3 System Master, DOS 3.3 Basics, Elementary My Dear Apple, and Viscalc (w/manual). There are also disks from the Avant-Garde library, EduWare, Personal Computing Magazine’s Desk Master, and several non original games disks. Note that I have not tested every disk, so there may be a bad one.

This package came in from the original owner. Cosmetically it is in good condition, there are a couple areas of duct and string tape remnants including the Video Out and Cassette ports label. The Apple II Plus label on the lid has some paint missing in the bottom middle. The joystick has not been tested and the connector end is no longer snapped together, so it may be a good repair project. This II Plus has been thoroughly cleaned and tested and everything works. Cassette ports are untested.