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The case, base and lid differed among all versions of the Apple IIe.

The IIe Base Assy includes 4 feet, the speaker and fastener, the motherboard standoffs, keyboard brackets on #1 and #2, RFI strip on #2 through #4, and motherboard bumpers on #4 only. Everything is also sold separately except the non removable keyboard brackets.

Select below from the following:

1) The earliest IIe’s used 4 screws across the front as well as 2 screws in the back panel. Keyboard bracket on the base. Brown bottom, back panel and standoffs.

2) Front screws were reduced to 3, gone were the screws in the back panel, and an RFI strip was added. Keyboard bracket remained on the base. Brown bottom, back panel and standoffs.

3) Keyboards now attached to the underside of the lid, so no more brackets. Otherwise the same as #2. Brown bottom, back panel and standoffs. (Very late models may have 3 rubber motherboard bumpers, but not currently available.)

4) Same as #3, and completely interchangeable but this was for the Platinum (extended keyboard model), so gray bottom, back panel, and standoffs. A minor variation was the holes above the feet became round instead of square at some point with this version, so you may receive either. Also, this base has 3 rubber motherboard bumpers.