ZipGS Accelerator Apple IIGS


ZipGSX Model 1600

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The ZipGS is your complete solution to the Apple IIGS’s number one problem…SPEED. Once your ZipGS is installed, your IIGS will outperform the average Macintosh, or IBM computer!

The ZipGS is a full size plug-in card that occupies a slot inside your computer. And it replaces your current 65816 microprocessor and includes a handy storage for your original CPU.

The ZIpGS 65618 microprocessor can process information at a much faster rate. Starting at 8 MHz, they were available up to 10 MHz. Cache RAM started at 8K, but upgradeable to 16K, 32K or 64K.

Available packages may or may not include a box. All will include an original Zip Utilities disk (version may vary), and an instruction manual or user’s guide – many of these are simply photocopies.

***Photos are for illustration only and NOT what you will receive***

The ZipGSX that is available is Version 1.02 and 8/16 (8 MHz with 16K cache RAM). No box, but it includes a disk and manual. This is currently installed inside a IIGS.