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Apple IIe motherboard 820-0064/607-0164 or 820-0087/607-0187. Pictured are a 1984 (the second Rev A) enhanced motherboard with 8 soldered RAM chips and a 1986 Rev D board with 2 RAM chips.

***Photos are representative and for illustration and NOT what you will receive.***

The 1982 boards (820-0064/607-0164) came in Rev A, B and C that I am aware of. Rev B is the most common that I have seen. They may have socketed or soldered memory chips. An enhancement kit was available from Apple.

Starting with the 1984 boards the part number changed to 820-0087/607-0187 (they used Rev A again for some reason), all were enhanced and had soldered RAM in some configuration. Boards from 1986 and 1986/87 carry the same part number. I have seen Rev A, D, E and F.

All the revisions had some changes, but all will fit in any year or model of Apple IIe. The Platinum IIe came out in 1987 so would have come with a 1986 or 1986/87 motherboard.

Select below from the current offerings:

A) 1982 Rev B. Socketed RAM chips. Unenhanced

B) 1982 Rev B. Soldered RAM chips. Unenhanced

C) 1986 Rev E

D) 1986/87 Rev F