AE Ram Express Apple IIc IIc Plus


1MB for the IIc or IIc Plus!

Sold out for now

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Applied Engineering Ram Express IIc Memory Expansion Card. Fully populated with 1MB of RAM  It has been tested and works fine. Also includes the DClock! The DClock is untested and needs a new battery (3v lithium coin cell battery BR 1225). Also included are the DClock User’s Manual and DClock Utilities disk!

Requires a IIc Plus (ROM 5) or a ROM 3 or 4 motherboard on a IIc. Earlier versions do not have the expansion port (located under the keyboard). The last 2 photos show the expansion port needed on a IIc – a motherboard with and an earlier one without.

Note that this is actually an Apple IIc Memory Expansion Card under the AE stickers. From the information I have found, some chips were changed making it compatible with both the IIc and IIc Plus (this came out of a working IIc Plus).