System Saver IIGS for the Apple IIGS


Power Center and Surge Suppressor!

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The Kensington System Saver for the Apple IIGS is truly that. Manufactured to fit on top of the IIGS and under the monitor, the fan draws air up through the computer to keep it cool as well as protected with the built-in surge suppressor. Four power sockets in the back are also the perfect number – the computer and monitor plug into the first two sockets and are controlled by the Master switch. A printer and hard drive typically plug into the other two sockets and are controlled with the Aux switch. Leave everything individually turned on and use the 2 switches in the System Saver to power things up and down. When you go to use the IIGS, press the Aux button first, wait while the hard drive spins up and the press the Master button.

***Photos are all representative and NOT what you will receive. Computer and monitor in last photo are for illustration only and not included***

A) The foam seal on the bottom of this System Saver has been replaced.

B) The foam seal on the bottom of this System Saver has been replaced and on this unit only, the Aux button will not power on until the Master button is on.