AppleWorks 4 and 5 – Apple II


Manuals, Disks, Video!


AppleWorks 4 And 5

The Last AppleWorks for the Apple II. AppleWorks is an integrated software package which combines a word processor, database and spreadsheet applications all in one program. Probably the most popular and longest running app ever for the Apple II.

Appleworks 4 and 5 were put out by Quality Computers in the early 90’s and incorporated many of the popular TimeOut add ons. Sold as AppleWorks 4. New disks and a small Delta Manual added to the 4 package when 5 was introduced.

System requirements:
Apple IIe, IIc, IIc+, or IIGS with at least 128K RAM and one disk drive
To use the built-in UltraMacros player, you need at least 256K and your IIe has to be enhanced.

For AppleWorks 5
Enhanced IIe or better with at least 256K RAM.


AppleWorks 4 package contained:
Reference Manual
Quick Reference card

*Getting Started booklet (not in the AppleWorks 5 package)
*Delta Documentation (blue)
*Top Questions (FAQ sheet) (orange)
*Hard Drive Installation (yellow)
*TimeOut Application Installation Process (pink)
*Updating your existing TimeOut Applications (green)
*other assorted ads, registration form, etc.

AppleWorks 5 added:
Delta Manual

******AppleWorks 4 was available with either 4 – 5.25 disks or 2 – 3.5 disks. AppleWorks 5 was only available on 3.5 disks.

Very limited availability as there are still many, many boxes of software to go through. Items with asterisks are limited and one or more of these items may be missing in a slightly incomplete package but ALL include the manuals and Quick Reference card. Most are in very good condition.

A) AppleWorks 4 Complete package without the box – 5.25 disks
B) Appleworks 4 Complete package without the box – 3.5 disks
C) AppleWorks 4 Manuals plus 5.25 disks
D) AppleWorks 4 Manuals plus 3.5 disks

E) AppleWorks 5 Complete boxed package – 3.5 disks (manuals look like new)
F) AppleWorks 5 Manuals plus 3.5 disks
G) AppleWorks 5 Delta Manual only

H) AppleWorks 4 Video New!
I) AppleWorks 4 Video

With Purchase of an AppleWorks set above, be sure to order one of these as well.
J) 5 disk set (5.25 disks) containing working copies of 4 and a patcher disk to bring your COPIES up to the latest version – 4.3
K) 3 disk set (3.5 disks) containing working copies of either 4 or 5 and a patcher disk to bring your COPIES up to the latest version – 4.3 or 5.1