Beneath Apple DOS


Continues where Apple’s DOS Manual leaves off…


Companion to Apple’s DOS Manual, providing additional information for the advanced programmer or the novice Apple II user who wants to know more about the structure of diskettes. The different editions cover DOS 3.1 to 3.3.

Use this manual to learn more about Apple’s mysterious Disk Operating System such as Assembly Language to DOS, fix clobbered disks and complete info on disk formatting, customize DOS and correct errors and omissions in the Apple documentation

Note that I have several printings of this book available. Pictured is a 3rd printing version. Most have never been read, but have gone from collector to collector, all have “shelf wear” primarily because of the reference card at the back and being boxed up numerous times.There are a couple with names stamped on the title page and/or reference card at the back and several have price stickers or residue from price stickers on the cover. All are Good or better.

1st through 8th printings of this manual are what I have seen.