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    Apple iBook G3 (#UV2122H1)

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    Apple iBook G3 (#UV2122H1)

    Loaded, looks and works great!

    Late 2001 Apple iBook G3. M6497, M8598LL/A.

    This iBook features a 600 Mhz G3 processor, 12 inch screen, DVD-ROM optical drive, 256 MB ram, 20 GB hard drive, and Wireless Airport in a transluscent white case. Also has a good battery – I don’t know how long it lasts, and a power adapter.

    There is a small area of sticker residue on the bottom and what looks like tape residue on the very bottom of the trackpad, otherwise in excellent condition!

    Operating System is 10.4.11 and appears to have some software installed like Office, iWork, FileMaker Pro and more!

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