Books and Software

There are massive amounts of books and software – approx 70 boxes for Macs alone, sorted for the most part, so some of the orphans may be reunited! Most of these items are from the 80’s and 90’s, so that should be the assumption if there is little info available. Honestly have no idea when we get to these as far as listing them.

If there is some Mac software you are looking for, contact me and I’ll see if I have it.

*Media Mail is available by request ONLY for books and software and I am happy to give a shipping quote for that and for multiple items (quote button found on product pages).


***Items already published separately can be found here:

System Software – OS disks, all

Apple II books and software

OS X Books and Software – in general, items for G3 and up and OS X

Macintosh System 1 to OS 9x – yes, software for your G3 may also be found here as they started with OS 8x

Macintosh Books and Manuals – in general, pre G3


*And here are some lists for the Mac, which may include some of the above items – more will be added as I get time:

NOTE – I am trying to get these lists to be iPad friendly, but may never quite be iPhone friendly.

Adobe Software

AppleWorks – ClarisWorks Software

Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint Software

MultiMedia CD’s