Printers & Scanners (Macintosh)

Printers have been moved to their own categories.

Early Macintosh’s used Dot Matrix printers such as the ImageWriter series, or LaserWriter printers which were made for the Macintosh and used either a serial connection or AppleTalk through the serial printer port. Hewlett Packard gave Macintosh the first InkJet printers with the DeskWriter series. All Macs from the 128k through the Beige G3 had a Serial interface for the printer port.

Parallel printers are not useable by Macs without a rare PCI parallel card (Power PC’s) or an equally rare parallel to serial converter and software. HP did make DeskJet printers in the late ’90’s with both parallel and serial ports, thus eliminating the need for a separate DeskWriter series.

Starting with the iMac and Blue & White G3 Power Mac, USB became the standard connection for everything. USB cards for a PCI slot in most pre-G3 Power PC’s are still readily available and can be used with a USB printer.

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